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Marcus De Storm

When we look at Music, we also look at all the influences in which accompanies it, too. When working on "Suburban Heat: Rise Of An Empire" novel, one track stuck in my mind, and that track is one of the biggest selling singles of the 1980's, as well as being the centrepiece of notoriety within other Film Soundtracks since.


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During the 1980's, it came to be called a failure before taking off of the ground. In the 1990's, the people who read the Story-Shorts believed it was "Too Hot" for public reading, and now, in the 21st Century, we have the powers that be breathing down our necks to unleash that which we want people to see, feel and experience - but not any form of violent act or harmful way - and so "Suburban Heat" commences its countdown to the ranks of "Adult Literature Novels".

Bringing together both storyline, morale and all action accounts, it will be "Suburban Heat" that unravels its pages, plot and story from upon many people bedside table - of that I can be sure of.

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The Brotherhood of Justice (Introduction)

The City of Seacliffe lying in the centre of Storm Island is riddled with crime; th ... Read more »
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After the release of "Reflection Of A Poet’s Life” by the same Author, it was suggested that among those 170+ poetry pieces included within the collection something of a key interest was missing, something that would rest upon a more personal level with which the reader could attach themselves to the one person who wrote them. It was also considered that maybe from the 2,000+ poems in the Author’s total collection there may be some with a more "Up Close & Personal” aromatic essence that would best describe his passion for writing such ‘Rhyme & Verse’ poetry, especially from such a young age.

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The Isle of Storm has had many tales to tell over the past ten thousand years; tales of Gods walking its soil, tainting its earth, battling the human mages of old, and watching, guiding, taunting the humans that remain there. From the pilot novel, "The Brotherhood Of The Realms”, the history of Storm Island is revealed piece by piece, from present to past, and vice-versa, the route is never the same – though the ending in most cases is of spilt blood and baring the ultimate sacrifice that only a mortal human being can offer. Whether your taste is in the crime or the horror, the outcome will be both the same, as you take to your journey down a road less travelled. Choose from the shorts of The Man In Black, The Haunt ... Read more »
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Formerly known as "The Brotherhood Of Justice". The City of Seacliffe lying in the centre of Storm Island is riddled with crime; the criminals do as they please within the locked confines of "The Maze", a once peaceful housing estate which housed decent people and families. Today, it has nothing to offer except the ghosts of broken homes, broken people and a mad leader that sees over everything from racketeering to drug dealing. When Marcus Chance, a young rebel rouser steps onto the wrong side of the law, he is immediately broug ... Read more »
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The eagerly awaited "Reflections Of A Poet’s Life” by Writer/Author, Marcus De Storm, brings together the "Personalised Collection” that goes beyond the normal essence inclusion of a Writers’ soul. With specially selected pieces such as "Phobias 1”, "Centurion Stance”, "Dante’s Tear”, "Dream Within A Dream”, "Eclipse”, "Edgar’s Subway”, "Heaven’s Gate”, "Keeper Of The Flame” and "Keeper Of The Flame”, to name but a few, it will be the reading of them that will have your own inner self join in the journey.

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