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Marcus De Storm

Marcus De Storm was born in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK. After moving with his family to Seacroft (South) at the age of four, it was the growing up around this once huge residential housing estate that gave way to vast amounts of both inspirations and fears; inspiration in character building, locations and new ideas of storytelling, while the fears were to be lived in his real life upbringing and first hand experiences.

Writing his Story-Short at the age of 10, it was "Blue Angel: Hero of the Future" that drove the young Poet Writer into creating his own style of Crime, Gore, horror pieces. Linking the real experiences of incidents and integrating them into stories, as well as pasting unique names of his characters and locations, too, into future works of fiction.

At the age of 12, Marcus passed his English O'Level exam while in the care of the Local Authorities. The publication of "Prisoner of Love" poem in the local newspaper brought an enormous amount of attention to the young writer in 1982, while at the same time his very own problems in life had it taken away through the strict guidelines of "Social Services".

By the age of 17, having accumulated more than three hundred pieces of poetry, the actual number of Story-Shorts had surpassed twenty five, with "Rainbow Colours" being the most highlighted and yet private of them all.

When released from a Full Care order in the summer of 1985, Marcus' search for normality became speckled, tainted and eventually dashed by the Rebel that had been bored into his nature. The whole lifestyle of fluctuating acts against a strong system suddenly stopped at the age of 21, when, with the reflection of his Writing and Submitting of Poetry earned him prestigious awards, accolades and a power struggle in which would bring an exhaustion of his Writing ability.

The past was loosely placed in the past and his gathering of previously written works brought out of the dusty closet, and through several years of editing he prepared less than half the stories for submission to Publishing Houses in both the UK and America - unfortunately, refusals were frequent and payments for those accepted very small.

Less than a year after meeting his wife, Carol, they moved to Rhyl, North Wales, to start a fresh life and marry. On April 15th 2000, they were married, but found that they had something missing - children - and so left their coastal home to return back to Leeds.

In April 2012 The Brotherhood of the Realms was released on Kindle, then very shortly afterwards the novel was released on Create Space in Paperback. Being the key novel to a series of Story-Shorts titled "On A Storyteller's Night", it was one month later that the first volume was released on both eBook and Paperback. Further to this two other novels were released on eBook which contain some of the most personal Poetry pieces.

Today, Marcus De Storm concentrates on writing more than ever, with more than 50 Blog-sites, various websites, a high presence status on well-known Niche Sites and a very aggressive submitter to local newspapers on the issues that matter most to him and his family.

New releases by Marcus De Storm include "On A Storyteller's Night Book 2: The Sanctum" due to be available on Kindle and Paperback very soon, as well as "On A Storyteller's Night Book 3" which is due its release on the 1st of August 2012. Further releases will be announced on his personal site "Authorborn", an idea derived from his addiction to playing the Xbox fantasy game "Skyrim" where the character is of a "Dragonborn" by destiny. The website can be accessed by going to www.authorborn.ucoz.co.uk where the Author releases a lot of valued info

Marcus and his family live in Walton, Wetherby, Leeds, where they their twin daughters Chantal and Jade, share some of the talents in writing poetry and stories, as well as other creative hobbies. Marcus, too, enjoys his Writing of more than 50 BlogSite’s, websites, his family technology business and the working of his fifth novel on both Kindle and Createspace. His inspired work through all the traits of life has brought much work in mind, and now focuses on script writing for TV and Film.

©™Ω Marcus De Storm 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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