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Severed Ties
It was reported across The MKDS Network a little while ago, that the 'Conclusion Novel' "Severed Ties" was almost completed - This is true - but the book will not be released until 2013.

After so much time has been spent on creating the 25 Volumes of Story-Shorts, as well as the Pilot Novel "The Brotherhood Of The Realms", the disclosure of "Severed Ties" at this time would without doubt spoil the entire storyline where "On A Storyteller's Night Series" is concerned. With only five more chapter's left to finish, the novel will play the "Vital" part of ending the Series of more than 400 Short Stories and so allow the readers to find out the demise of "The Island" and its inhabitants.

Offers have already started coming in for a "Sneak Peek", or the revealing of the storyline at the end...which will never happen! What the Author can say is that "Readers" and "Followers" of the series will be treated to some kind of "Sneak Peek" into the "Severed Ties" Novel on 24th December 2012, and on this date the Official Release Date will be announced, too. In addition, the very first look at the "Book Cover" will be unveiled on "Authorborn" first, before being shared across "The Network" and its Channel's.

Thank you for following Marcus De Storm.

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